Professional Live Streams for Events

We are PTR and Co

We produce live video experiences. We livestream conferences, concerts, and performances of all kinds, ensuring that your audience gets cinematic, engaging experiences that drive engagement and interest.

We are experts in video and live technology and have the knowledge and experience to professionally stream your event to Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, custom websites, or multiple destinations simultaneously.

We’re based in Brooklyn, NYC but service clients across the United States and abroad.

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Live video is our passion, and our customer’s success is our success.

Individual Approach

Every project is different. We produce live streams for events for fortune 100 companies’ premiere events as well as for small non-profit theatres. We’ll talk through your dream goals, your non-negotiables, and your budget and create a custom quote to match.

Latest Tech

We’re constantly looking for the latest technologies to ensure our client’s streams are the most reliable, highest quality, and least expensive as they can be.

We're Friendly

Live events are complex. Even when the pressure is on, our staff have the knowledge to provide solutions while keeping our cool.

Free Consultation

Let’s discuss your project. We’ll go through some top level details and create a custom quote.


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Live Switching

We receive video from your existing camera crew, switch cameras, overlay graphics, and stream to the destination of your choice.


We can provide cinema or robotic cameras and operators to get the best coverage of your event.


Stream to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Tik Tok, custom websites, and multiple destinations at once. We can even provide individualized feeds to different destinations.


We can use your in-house audio, or provide sound capture and/or sound reinforcement. Whatever you need, we can provide.


We can edit captured video (including isolated camera feeds) afterwards and deliver highlight reels, individual segments, and more.


Fully Virtual Events

We create fully virtual events that take place entirely online. Audience, presenters, and more can all join from wherever they are.

Have a project for us? Book a free consultation


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First Contact

Book a call with us. We’ll discuss the basics of your project and draw up an estimate. We’ll adjust services and needs until we land where you need to be.


We’ll do a site visit if needed, and work with you to ensure all the details are sorted out. From rehearsals to graphics, we’ll make sure you’re in a great spot before the event.
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Loading In & Rehearsing

Depending on the complexity of the project, we’ll load in and setup before your event. We can follow this up with rehearsals so that presenters/talent are comfortable with the run of show. This could be the morning of the event, or days before.

Live Streaming

We’ll manage as many moving parts of the live stream for your event as you need, from show calling to technical direction, getting your event live to the audience of your choosing.

Post Production

Depending on your needs, we’ll deliver a copy of the whole show, individual segments, highlight reels, promo videos, or just the raw footage so your in house team can get to work.


We’re frequently in the middle of one or more live streams. Email is best!


Crew onboarding and invoicing: click here.